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​Human Design - The 5 Types


Generators have access to tremendous sustainable Life Force or Work Force energy, consequently they are designed to work and are the 'doers' in Human Design.  However, the work that they do cannot be any kind of work.  They must find their 'right' work, what they are passionate about, and their aim is to master whatever it is they are working on this life.  Generators make up about 35% of the population.  Generators find the most success in life when they are acting in response to opportunities in their outer world and not from ideas or inspiration coming from within them.

Key words : Energetic, Masters of their Craft/Work, Self-Aware, Frustration, Quit Too Soon, Can Feel Stuck


Reflectors are the rarest type in Human Design, making up less than 1% of the population.  They reflect the general health of the communities they are a part of.  Reflectors are very sensitive and unique individuals who care deeply about peace and prosperity for humanity.  Reflectors have no inner authority and must wait a full cycle of the moon, 28 days, in order to make good decisions.  During this time, they are talking to people and getting their opinions and input as a Reflector can only see the truth when reflected through others.  Ideally a Reflector would be part of every community to help guide us into healthy and supporive decisions.

Key words : Sensitive, Passionate, Unique, Clingy, Inconsistent, Disappointment


Projectors are gifted managers, leaders and guides.  They make up only 20% of the population.  Projectors do not have access to sustainable Life Force energy, so they are not designed to work in the world like Generators or Manifesting Generators.  Although they may be conditioned to believe that they are supposed to work as the Generator types, and indeed can do so for short periods of times, Projectors simply do not have the stamina to do work that way and can do damage to their physical bodies and spirits by doing so.  Projectors are also designed to enter into the big things in life (relationships, jobs, relocations) through invitation.  Through the process of being invited, Projectors are guided into the right conditions to excel as the natural leaders and creators they are.

Key words : Leadership, Intuitive, Insightful, Susceptible to Burn Out, Perceived by Others as Lazy, Bitterness

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators are similar to Generators and make up about 33% to 35% of the population.  They are the consummate multi-taskers and have sustainable life force or work force energy like the Generators.  However, Manifesting Generators work fast and do things quickly and are designed to find the shortcuts to completing any task.  They form a type of hybrid between Manifestors and Generators.  Manifesting Generators must also practice response to the outer world instead of purely initiating action.  It serves them well to inform those affected by their decisions before taking action.

Key words : Energetic, Self-Aware, Multi-Tasking, Impatient, Anger & Frustration, Skip Important Steps

There are 5 Types in Human Design, and they are as follows:

Manifestors   |   Manifesting Generators   |   Generators   |   Projectors   |   Reflectors

Each Type has a role and each piece is vital to the whole of Humanity.  By living your Type and Strategy, life becomes much easier and things seem to fall into place.

What do we mean by 'Strategy' in Human Design?

  • A specific way of behaving and making a decision
  • Each Type has a unique Strategy
  • Strategy flows both ways
  • Live Your Strategy = Live Authentically


Manifestors make up about 8% to 9% of the population.  They are the Creators and Initiators.  They are truly the only Type designed to go out into the world and 'Just Do It', the other Types must either wait to respond or wait for an invitation to act.  Manifestors have access to tremendous creative and initiating energy, yet they do not have access to sustainable energy, and so completing projects can be challenging for them.  Manifestors are most successful in the world when they are informing the people who are affected by their decisions before they act.

Keywords : Energetic, Powerful, Successful, Impulsive, Not a Team Player, Anger

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