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Retrograde Parade Transit Reading for 2019

The Month of April has brought us 3 major shifts in the direction of planets critical to our evolution and growth.  Jupiter, then Pluto, then Saturn are turning retrograde at what is a crucial time in shift of our paradigm.  You don't want to be left feeling like you're confused, going in the wrong direction, disillusioned, or worse yet - Left behind!  

For now (April 22, 2019) until the end of June get a special retrograde Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn focused reading for a discounted price of $89!  I'll even give you a Buy One-Get One Half Off option for anyone in your life who you feel might benefit from such a reading.  Give the gift of insight to someone you love!    

Your reading is recorded so you can listen to it again and is approximately 60 minutes in length.  We can do the reading via Zoom video chat or via telephone conference.  

This special is only good through the month of June, 2019, after which it goes back to the full price of $129  

“Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”  Denzel Washington

If you have ever heard yourself saying after a major life situation, “I wish I had seen this coming, then you’re among many. Astrological insights are important and so often we experience life events by default. It would feel so good to know that things are going to get easier if you can hold off for two more weeks or three more months. It would be refreshing to know that your sense of anxiety isn’t only in your mind, that many others are feeling it as well. Understanding that the harmony that is wending its way into your body is also making its way across the world is a good feeling.

Seeing into the future isn’t an exact science but astrology does give us some insight into what might coming into our personal and global experience. But how can you remember twelve months of information and track it? Having it in book form for easy reference creates a resource that you can go back to again and again. Having pull-out art that acts as a reflection tools adds that one-two punch you need for planning, remembering, and strategizing the new year.

The Energy Almanac, a publication of wit, wisdom, and astrological insights for the year was born of the desire to have a constant reference of information along with resources to ease or amplify energies as needed.

TheEnergy Almanac can help you prepare for the year ahead.

The planets have a plan for you in 2019. In this 100-plus page book, you will learn

  • Two months to expect financial urgency and the keyword to use to temper it
  • The month that you can expect smooth sailing
  • Underlying energy which will be present all year long
  • The best month for expecting epiphanies and insights

Get the map of what’s in store, learn which tools you can lean on for support, and go deep with the astrology of 2019, because knowledge is power.–

Buy 1 Get 1 Half-Off

Energy Almanac + Magic Makers Playbook & Planner

Special Offer - Retrograde Parade Transit Reading

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