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Special Jupiter in Scorpio Reading Offer


Jupiter is the planet of Growth & Expansion.  It spends approximately 1 year in each sign causing us to move up the evolutionary ladder.  This month (October 11,2017), Jupiter is moving into the sign of Scorpio.

The sign of Scorpio is about passion, intensity, rules all things to do with mystery, life & death and secrets.  How this effects you personally depends upon what house (area of life) that Jupiter is transiting through, in other words, where Scorpio is in your chart. 

Often Jupiter presents us with challenges before we can actually expand ourselves.  Knowing where this is likely going to take place in your life can help you move through the challenges into the rewards that Jupiter holds in store for you!

For a limited time - Now until 12/31/17 - get a Jupiter in Scorpio Reading for $50! 

Let me spend 30-45 mins with you and your chart going over how to best meet the energies that present themselves to you during these times.  


We can meet via telephone conference or Skype or Zoom.