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*Must have had a full Human Design reading before buying this one.*

The magic of connection in Human Design is not personal…it is electromagnetic!

Have you ever wondered why you’re attracted to certain types of people?  Or, have you wondered who your perfect guy/gal is?  Your Human Design holds clues as to who you are in relationship, how you will interact on both a social and sexual level, and who you are likely to be attracted to. 

In this session, we take a look at what drives attraction, relationships, connection, commitment and sexuality in your Human Design.  When you understand the nature and the mechanics of the energy of being connected, you will learn to love and accept yourself (and your partners) in a much richer and juicier way!

For this session it is a good idea to have the chart of your partner or a loved one available.  You can email me their birth information before we do this coaching and I’ll send you their Human Design.  

COST : $99 USD

Human Design - Sex & Relationships Reading

Cosmic couple