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Destiny Profile Reading

Are you struggling with what to do with your life? Maybe you lost your job in the economic downturn and it's given you the opportunity to reconsider your life and your life's work. Or maybe you just need permission to follow that inner voice urging you on to do something “more” with your life.

Whatever the reason for your soul search, I can help you with a Destiny Profile/Life Purpose astrology reading. Written in the stars at the time of your birth was the map of your life. Knowing where to look and what key planetary energy signatures are working in your life can help guide you, creating joy, love and laughter in your life.  A Destiny Profile reading costs $150, and is 60-90 minutes, a recording of our conversation is also included.
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Living Astrology Human Design Chart Readings

Has your world been crazy lately? Do you want to know what the Season holds for you from the perspective of the planets? If you're like most of us, things have been changing so fast that it takes the breath away. It's sometimes hard to know who to turn to when life is this crazy, but I may have a solution for you. I am offering a special price of$99 for a 3 Month astrology reading for you. 

We'll take a look at all the major configurations occurring in the sky this season to see how you will personally be effected and what best you can do to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are sure to arise. Maybe you just need validation or confirmation of what direction you're being guided to move in – this reading can help you with that as well. (I'll even write you a permission slip if that seems appropriate:))

If you would like to take advantage of this Seasonal Offer for a $99 reading, please email me your birth date, birth time, and birth place along with some days/times you are available to:

All readings are recorded and MP3 files sent to you at no additional cost.

Your 1st Human Design reading is perfect for beginning your journey into discovery of your Authentic Self!

Human Design views you through your Energy signature instead of through the planets and their placement in your chart.  In this way, the reading is very personal and gives you key insight into who you are and how to best use your energy.  

For more information on what this reading includes, the cost and time commitment, goHERE  

Go Deeper into Your Human Design with Human Design Coaching.

This is for the person who really wants to go into their personal Human Design and really learn to live it. 

Coaching consists of 12 Weeks of personal coaching on your design, which also delves deeper into the intricacies of the Channels and Gates, the Centers and your personal Profile.  

Each session will give you more clarity on your Soul's Purpose, and how to live the life you were designed to live.    

PREREQUISITE:  This coaching is only available to people who have already had their First Human Design Reading.  

For more details on Human Design Coaching,Go Here

What's Up? Reading

Solar Return - Birthday Reading

Human Design Coaching

Sometimes you just need to have someone look into your chart to either validate your own intuition or to get a little "push" toward a goal or a life change.  This reading is perfect for just that occasion.  

A What's Up? Reading is $75 and is a 30-45 minute reading.  Included in the price is an MP3 recording of our talk.
One of the single most important times of the year to get an astrology chart done is on your birthday!  Every year the Sun returns to the exact place it was the day you were born – you know it as your Birthday – but astrologer's call it your Solar Return. 

A chart drawn up for the moment the Sun comes to your natal placement, gives us an idea of the likely themes, challenges, and events you may experience in your upcoming Solar year.  A Solar Return reading is $99 and is 60 minutes.  Included in the price is an MP3 recording of our conversation.

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