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Seasonal Transit Reading


Seasonal  Transit  Reading

Has your world been crazy lately? Do you want to know what the Season holds for you from the perspective of the planets? If you're like most of us, things have been changing so fast that it takes the breath away. It's sometimes hard to know who to turn to when life is this crazy, but I may have a solution for you. I am offering a special price of $129 for a 3 Month astrology reading for you. 

We'll take a look at all the major configurations occurring in the sky this season to see how you will personally be effected and what best you can do to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are sure to arise. Maybe you just need validation or confirmation of what direction you're being guided to move in – this reading can help you with that as well. (I'll even write you a permission slip if that seems appropriate :-) )

If you would like to take advantage of this Seasonal Offer for a $129 reading, follow the PayPal link to the left to purchase your reading.  I will contact you shortly afterwards to work out scheduling of our time together.  

Includes Time*Line Report (see herefor more information)