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Projector chart

What Makes You a Projector?

​1.  You have an open or undefined Sacral Centre (2nd from the bottom)

If your Type is a Projector, your role is a Director.  Projectors make up about 20-22% of the population.   

You are here to know others and to guide and direct them.  You hold a great deal of wisdom that you really want to share, but this can only happen if you yourself are recognized and invited to do so.  As easy as it is for you to "know" others, it may be difficult for you to discover your own correct direction to take in life. The best way for you to know your own direction is to follow your Strategy.        

 Your Strategy is to wait for an invitation to the big things in your life.   The big things are: 

  • Friendships / Romance
  • Career / Work Opportunities
  • Where to live / Moving
  • Sharing your gift of guidance & direction with others

If you don't wait for an invitation, or the energy of invitation, you meet resistance from those around you. To be invited means that you are seen and recognized for your value.

Projectors fear that they will not be invited.  But if you follow your strategy of waiting for the invitation, what happens is that your aura's frequency starts to change and the more you live according to your design, the more invitations you get.  This will bring you success.  

Projectors cannot force an invitation and you must be patient in between invitations.  Once invited, you do not need to wait for any more invitations regarding whatever you were invited into (job, relationship, project).  You can do anything once you are invited into something.  

Projectors Energy

You may have noticed in your Human Design that some of the energy centers are white and some are colored in.  The white centers are open or undefined and mean that you are absorbing the energy from around you, amplifying it and re-broadcasting it as if it were your own energy.  By contrast, the colored in centers or defined centers are areas where you are broadcasting your own authentic energy.  

A defining characteristic of the Projector is that the Sacral Center (2nd one from the bottom) is open or undefined.  The Sacral Center is a motor and contained in it is the energy for sustainable life force energy or vitality.  Projectors do not have access to sustainable life force energy and that is the primary reason that you are not here to work in the normally accepted way.  

Your openness can be energetically exhausting so it is important to have your own space where you can relax.  This is also why it is so important for you to only get involved in projects, jobs, relationships that you are invited into.  You can simply get burned out if you are not careful.   

Through your Open Centers, you take others in deeply.  You take in other people's definition and you can clearly see who they are.  Your aura focuses on the very core of their being and you can recognize others.  But if you try to guide others without being invited to do so, you meet resistance or feel that no one really sees you, or no one recognizes you.  Out of that comes a deep feeling of bitterness, often mixed with exhaustion.

Some key things to remember about your energy

  • Your energy is not sustainable so take frequent breaks
  • Because you cannot work the same way 70% of the population does, you can often be referred to as lazy...which of course, is not true!
  • You need time alone to recharge your batteries
  • Projectors face burnout when they try to do too many things
  • You are not "Superman or Superwoman" - you are more like the Sitting Guru!  

Conditioning Theme


Famous Projectors

Barack Obama, Queen Elisabeth II, Mick Jagger, Joseph Stalin, Ringo Starr, Osho, Napoleon, Woody Allen, Salvador Dali, Elizabeth Taylor, Fidel Castro, James Joyce, Barbra Streisand, Ulysses S. Grant, Douglas MacArthur, Demi Moore, Princess Diana, Tony Blair, Ramana Maharshi, George Gurdjieff​