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Celebrity Numerologist, Michelle Arbeau

This week on Living Astrology - Interview with Celebrity Numerologist, Michelle Arbeau Michelle and I will be talking about the Number 8 in numerology.  2015 becomes a Universal Year 8 and there is something truly magical about that number for us.  As Michelle says, "8, as the most active soul plane number, is also the number of independence, wisdom, abundance/manifestation (very doubtless energy).  2015 is an 8 year coming up and people are already starting to feel the surge of confidence it's bringing in.  It's going to be a "go after your goals with gusto" kind of year."

Michelle Arbeau is the author of two amazing books, "The Energy of Words" and "Soul Numbers" published by Llewelyn Books. Click on the books below to get your copy today.  

​​Listen to Michelle Arbeau talk about the launch of her new book!