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Dr. Michael Lennox- Dreams & Astrology

My guest today is Dr Michael Lennox, author, astrologer and dream interpreter. Write down all those dreams as callers today will be treated to what their dream means for them.  We're also going to be talking about the 6th of the 7 Uranus-Pluto Square occurring this month.  What does it mean for you personally?  We'll be taking a look at some charts for clarity.  

Psychologist, Astrologer and Dream Expert, Dr. Michael Lennox has been helping people have a deeper understanding of their unconscious mind for almost twenty years.  In workshops, in the media, for private clientele and on the internet via his popular website, Lennox guides people through life’s mysteries with a deep and profound wisdom delivered through a humorous and extemporaneous style that has become his trademark

December 4 Episode

on Dreams

January 29 Episode 

on Uranus-Pluto square