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What Makes You a Manifestor?

1.  You have a defined (colored in) Throat Center.  

2.  You have an open Sacral Center (white center 2nd up from bottom)

3.  You have a defined Motor to the Throat Center

You are designed to be an unstoppable force that will not allow anyone to control you. If there is something you want, go and get it, as it will not come to you (be it a job, partner etc.) - just listen to your authority. You have the potential to shape the world the way you want it to be.

On an energy level you have a very deep impact on others, but your aura doesn't communicate as much as the auras of other types. That's why people often don't know what to think about you. It creates unconscious fear in them and they try to control you from the moment you were born. This leads you to your predominant negative feeling – anger.

The secret of success for you lies in communication. The way to operate correctly for you as a Manifestor is to inform. Inform those that are going to be impacted by your actions about what you're going to do. In this way, others will not be so intimidated by you. They may actually help you and put their energy into whatever it is that you have initiated. Then you can find what you are looking for - PEACE. 

Without informing, you will get resistance every step of the way. That's why many Manifestors, already in their childhood, resign, after being punished over and over again by parents, teachers and others. They give up their manifesting powers and concentrate on going through life, just getting by. They may feel ignored, or like they've been run over by a truck. The last thing they would want to do is to inform others. Everybody else is in their way all the time, so the idea of making it easier for others by informing is unacceptable. Yet it's the only way out of the circle of control and resistance. (While still living with parents, Manifestor's strategy is actually different - they need to ask for permission.)

Go to sleep as soon as you begin to feel tired. You can read or watch a movie for a while before you fall asleep, but already lying down in a horizontal position. If possible, sleep alone, not in other people's aura – you will feel the difference in you in the morning. Remember that there may be a neighbor above or behind the wall and if you're closer then your two arm-lengths, you are still in each other's aura.


Inform those who will be impacted by your actions before you actually take action.  This helps to eliminate outer resistance to your ideas.  It is also a good idea to act in accordance to your Authority as well.  

Conditioning Theme


Famous Manifestors

Johnny Depp, Richard Burton, George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler, Frida Kahlo, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Orson Welles and Susan Sarandon 

Manifestors are a minority - around 8% of all people.  You are the only Type that is here to Initiate!

Historically, Manifestors were the rulers and law givers of the world.  So many of our habits and accepted generalisations are created by and fit for Manifestors.

You are the ones - the only ones - who really can go out and make things happen.  As children this happens as soon as they can reach the doorknob.

Manifestor human design chart