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Astrology is a fascinating subject!  It triggers the imagination and evokes wonderful, magical and mystical energies.  Just look up at the night sky and you will understand what I mean - that those stars and planets can affect us here on Earth is definitely one of life's most intriguing mysteries.  

​I believe it was Hermes who taught his followers: 

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

His teaching forms the basis for Astrology - what is going on in the heavens is mirrored to us here on Earth - and anywhere else we might be in the Universe as well!  

Just contemplate the meaning of his words... they are fascinating, profound, and literally mind blowing based on the time in our evolution that he spoke them.

When we study our birth chart and the location of planets and points by the Zodiac signs they are in, it is as if we are taking a peek into the workings of our Souls as they prepared to embark upon this journey called Life!  It is a journey well worth the effort ... well worth the time we invest in its discovery.  

Let me help you get started ...

The first step is getting your Astrology Chart and then getting a reading of what it means.  


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