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Jupiter Through The Signs

Here is what Jupiter, the planet of luck, vision, expansion, and plenty, means in each sign of the zodiac.

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Natal Jupiter in Aries - Someone with Jupiter in Aries experiences good fortune & luck when they are taking the lead, initiating and boldly moving into new territory in their life.  These are positive, adventurous and action-oriented people who believe in independence and optimism.  If there is one drawback, sometimes they can take action first and think later, which can land them in situations that feel draining to them.  With a spirit of moderation in actions taken, they can become successful!  With Jupiter in Aries, you are learning to become wise about who you are, what is true for you, and how to express your authentic self. 

Jupiter Transiting Aries -  Jupiter last transited the sign of Aries from June 7, 2010 to June 4, 2011 and next transits the sign of Aries from May 11, 2022 to May 16, 2023.  When Jupiter transits through the sign of Aries it is a new beginning of sorts for each of us.  Jupiter encourages us to become independent, to move into new territory in our lives, and to believe in ourselves.  We are enabled to "Boldly Go" where we have hesitated before.  Jupiter in Aries enables more assertive behaviors, but we must also watch for the more negative aggressive energies.  Aries is ruled by Mars and is fiery and fearless.  With a tendency to "Act First, Think Later," we can find ourselves in hot water in our interpersonal relationships.  We all are learning how to become more self-sufficient, independent, self-aware, and self-centered.


Natal Jupiter in Taurus - Jupiter in Taurus people have great instincts for making money, attracting abundance and being financially successful. They enjoy the physical and sensual pleasures in life and can sometimes over-indulge - too much food, sex, spending, drinking can drain them of their resources.  Think moderation in all things when your Jupiter is in Taurus.  Fortune smiles on this sign when the natives are generous, loyal, discriminating and patient.  All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait ... Perfect for a Jupiter in Taurus person.  If you have Jupiter in Taurus, you are here to learn to be wise about how to manage resources (time, money, people, etc.) and how to recognize your own worth and value. 

Jupiter Transiting Taurus - Jupiter last transited Taurus from June 4, 2011 to June 11, 2012 and will next transit Taurus from May 16, 2023 to May 24, 2024. When Jupiter transits Taurus we are learning how to manage finances and our precious resources.  This can be a time of prosperity, or at times it can cause us to over-spend and then we find ourselves financially strapped.  Wisdom comes when we learn to be proportional with our spending.  This can be a time when we question our values and determine what we can do as a people to provide stability and plenty for the most numbers of people.  We may also be dealing with greed, avarice and lack during this transit as well.  This is a transit where we come to the heart of our desires and have tremendous manifesting power.  Be careful what your mind is on - the Universe doesn't hear the difference in what you desire - it manifests whatever it is you are focusing on. 


Natal Jupiter in Gemini -


Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Leo

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Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is the planet of Growth & Expansion. Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart, is the place where you can expect the theme of evolution and mastery to occur over the course of your life.  This part of your life might be blessed, graced and feel like lady luck touches you.  

Whatever sign Jupiter is transiting in, will be the place where over the year or so that Jupiter transits it, you will gain the most in knowledge and expansion in your life, albeit, through likely challenges in the area of life ruled by the sign and the the house it is in for you.

Jupiter challenges, unlike Saturn's, are typically easier to overcome, and seem to feel like a revelation or epiphany has happened for you that signals that you have met the challenge and growth has taken place.