Human Design : Life Purpose "The Story of YOU!"

If you  have ever asked the question, "Why am I here?" or "What is my life's purpose?", then today's session will help unlock the answers for you.

Human Design : Money & Abundance Reading

The purpose of this reading is to discover what your Money and Abundance design is.

Human Design Readings

3 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Your Human Design Reading

This is a lighter and less expensive version of the Human Design Reading above, focusing on Type, Strategy and Authority.

‚ÄčA great place to start that fits your budget.

Human Design : Health & Well-Being

The spleen is the centre for Health and Healing in Human Design.  In this reading we will take a look at your Spleen and the relative health of your body.

The Readings below have a prerequisite of having had your 1st Full Human Design Reading. 

Your 1st Human Design Reading

This is where you begin your journey into Knowing Your Authentic self through Human Design

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Human Design : Sex & Relationships Reading

The magic of connection in Human Design is not personal ... it is electromagnetic!  Have you ever wondered why you're attracted to certain types of people?  Or, have you wondered who your perfect guy/gal is?  Your Human Design holds clues as to who you are in relationships, how you will interact on both a social and sexual level, and who you are likely to be attracted to.

Human Design : Your Mystical Journey

Take a journey with me through your Human Design to unlock some of the secrets of your SOUL and your personal path to Enlightenment.