Janet Hickox

  • Experience a new—and profound—Self-knowledge and Self-confidence
  • Know how to make decisions that are correct for YOU!
  • Learn how to take actions that maximize your Joy and Success
  • Build or re-build your ability to handle whatever happens to you and bounce back quickly - this is called "Resiliency."
  • LIVE the TRUTH of your energetic pattern
  • See how YOU fit into the bigger picture of humanity and know exactly how to play your ROLE so that everyone wins
  • Experience relief from unhealthy stress, pressure and self-criticism
  • Know that you are magnificent and perfect just as you are—you are not broken!
  • Re-take your Personal Power (maybe for the first time!)
  • Understand YOUR TRUE PURPOSE AND PATH in life and how to live it
  • KNOW that BEING YOURSELF is all you need to BE and DO … after all, you are a Human BEing not a Human DOing
Human Design Mandala

Your 1st Human Design REading

​Are you feeling Tired, Depressed or Confused?  Having a "dark night of the soul?"

Are you at an Important Crossroad in your life and need guidance toward the next step in your journey? 

Are you ready to uncover your Life's Role and Purpose?

Are you ready to learn more about yourself in a way that Empowers You


Then lets delve deeper into who YOU are through Human Design

This powerful Decision-Making Strategy will set you up for Success in every aspect of your life! 


​​If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then "Your 1st Human Design Reading" is a great place to start. 

Here is what you will get from your 1st Human Design Reading

"It is time in the Evolution of Humankind to completely connect with our Authentic, True Selves - Human Design is the best astrologically based tool that I've discovered so far to accomplish this!"  ~ Janet Hickox, Astrologer

What is Covered During Your 1st Human Design Reading:


1.  Your Type & Strategy - In Human Design, the Type is similar to the Zodiac sign in Western Astrology, but delves much deeper into the real you.  Strategy tells you how you can best succeed in being your authentic self.  

2.  Your Profile - The Profile in Human Design describes the Role you are here to play.  This helps you identify how you fit into the whole of humanity.

3.  Life Path & Purpose - Are you a leader?  A creative type?  A storyteller?  A Teacher?  Everyone has a specific Life Path and Purpose through Human Design.  

4.  How You are Wired to Make Decisions - Everyone has a specific Authority in Human Design that, when used properly, guides you into making the best decisions for YOU.  Would you be surprised to find out that NO ONE has authority in the mind?  That means that if you're making decisions now from the thinking process, you are not in alignment with your AUTHORITY.

5.  Your Strengths, Vulnerabilities, Life Lessons and Spiritual Challenges.  And, much more!

Details & Specifics of Your 1st Reading   

This is a fairly intensive reading and requires a certain level of commitment on your part and on mine.  

Cost:  Your 1st Human Design Reading is $199 paid via Debit/Credit Card using PayPal prior to scheduling the reading.  You can follow the link below. 

Time:  The reading is 90-minutes and includes a recorded MP3 of the reading.  This is important for you to be able to listen to the reading without having to take copious notes.

Follow Up:  A 30 minute follow up session once you have re-listened to the reading is included in the cost.

Email Connection:  After your reading, it can take some time for you to be able to formulate questions about it, and I believe that asking questions is an important part of your Human Design journey.  Because I want you to be able to have the most benefit through clarity and self-knowledge, you have unlimited access to me via email for 30 days after your reading.    

 Are you ready to begin YOUR Human Design Journey?