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"ON DEMAND" COACHING - Human Design or Astrology

Wouldn't it be nice to have an Astrologer on retainer? Much like having an attorney on retainer to help you with legal issues, only with me you get detailed guidance on what is coming up for you as the planets move through the Astrological landscape 

What's Included with "On Demand' Coaching with Living Astrology

  • 12 - One Hour sessions of one-on-one coaching specifically on YOUR Human Designor Astrology, that can be used anytime.

  • Move through Life Issues, Challenges, and Problems in the context of your personal Human Design or Astrology chart.  

  • Access via Email for questions, concerns or progress reports.

  • You can use your sessions for specialty readings ie. Solar Returns, Transits, or Eclipse coaching

  • ​Use for monthly check-in readings to know what is coming for the month ahead

  • ​​Includes a monthly comprehensive transit report designed for YOU

Purchasing this package saves you MONEY - a typical reading is $99-$225.  This gives you monthly readings that average out to $75!  

This package is only available to people who have already gone through their 1st Human Design Reading and/or a Destiny Profile Astrological Reading.  We can also negotiate one of these types of readings to take place before the coaching begins.  The price will be increased by the price of the base reading.    

Payment Arrangements can be made.  Please contact me personally at janet@living-astrology.com  

COST : $899 USD

"On Demand" Coaching