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The Body Graph is comprised of 9 Energy Centers that resemble the Hindu Chakra system.  It is from these centers that your Type emerges based on what centers are defined (colored) or undefined (white).  Within each Energy Center are numbers, which we call Gates.  They are related to the 64 Hexagrams of the I’Ching.  These gates form connections between the Energy Centers and further define an individual’s personality characteristics.  When the Gates between Energy Centers are connected they form Channels.  The interconnected channels or their lack of being interconnected further help define your Type.

The Keynotes section of your Human Design chart shows the key information gleaned from your Body Graph:  Type (which includes your Life Theme and Strategy), Profile- Incarnation Cross and Inner Authority. From this information alone a Human Design astrologer can give you an easy to understand reading of your life map.

The Birth Chart is comprised of two columns of numbers, one black and one red, with symbols for the planets between them.  The numbers relate to the Gates within the Body Graph, and it is from this chart that the gates in the Body Graph are defined.  The black column of numbers are based on your actual birth date and become the personality traits that you are familiar with in yourself.  In Human Design we say that these are “conscious” traits.  The red column of numbers are based upon a date that is 88 astrological degrees or approximately 90 days before your birth.  These are the more “unconscious” traits that you are carrying within your Soul.  In fact, the date of the red column is said to be the date that your Soul entered into your body.  Your family and friends may recognize these traits in you before you actually do. 


The first key to understanding your Human Design is discovering what Personality Type you are.  There are 5 Personality Types in Human Design:  Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.  Each Type has a different way of operating in the world and has a unique decision-making strategy.  This knowledge alone rocked my world and fundamentally impacted my success in connecting to my authentic self.

The other two keys to unlocking your Human Design are your Profile and your Inner Authority.  Together with your Type, you can discover what it is that your soul purpose is, how to make decisions that are correct for you and how you are designed to be your fullest expression of your authentic self in the new paradigm being birthed on our beautiful planet.  In future articles we will be taking a deeper look into the Types and also introducing the Profiles and Inner Authority. 

HD Body Graph

What is Human Design?  

Human Design is the synthesis of 4 Ancient Wisdom Traditions and 2 Sciences – the Chinese I’Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system, Western Astrology and Quantum Physics and Human Genetic Coding.  Making it even more mystical and magical is the fact that the entire system was transmitted to Robert Alan Krakower through a spiritual experience he had in Ibiza, Spain during the Harmonic Convergence in January 1987.  A voice told Robert that this system – Human Design – was crucial to helping people on the planet make vital shifts in consciousness for the evolution of humanity.  He spent the next 25 years traveling the world teaching and developing Human Design until his death in 2011.  

Human Design is one of the most important tools we have to move us forward into these new paradigm times.  First and foremost, Human Design teaches us to LOVE ourselves by learning the Truth of who we are designed to be and how we can live our authentic life and destiny, serving to improve our self-worth and self-esteem.  Human Design shows us how to act with awareness, deliberation and courage according to our own personal Type, and by doing so we learn to honor our energy, our feelings and emotions.  Empowering each of us to, “Know Thyself,” allows us to find a way to love and accept others as well.  My Human Design teacher, Karen Curry wrote in her book  Understanding Human Design, The New Science of Astrology:  Discover Who You Really Are (Hierophant Publishing, 2013), “Human Design is not about changing yourself.  It simply gives you the tools to journey back to a deeper understanding of your gifts, your wisdom, your drive, and your vulnerabilities, which can set you free from old, self-defeating patterns of thinking and the judgment of others.  It gives you a new perspective so you can see the beauty and magnificence of who you truly are.”  My own personal experience with Human Design has opened me up to a sound decision-making strategy based on who I am designed to be, which has brought me into alignment with my true nature.  Living out my True self has made my life easier and empowered me to pursue my passions.

Human Design is complex, yet there are three key pieces that are easy to understand and can have a profound positive effect for each person.  Let’s take a closer look.  Unlike Western Astrology’s circular chart depicting planet placements by degrees of signs, Human Design is made up of three component parts, The Birth Chart, Body Graph and Keynotes (see the graphic above and left).  

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