The complex relationship between signs, planets and houses in a chart is the main reason why it is difficult to use newspaper horoscope predictions!  You really have to have an individualized reading in order to see the full picture of who you are, what you are here to do and when things will happen for you. 

Here is a list of the houses, their meanings, and what sign and planet are associated with it:

1st House - Natural Ruler Aries & Mars

The Self, Viewpoint, Personality, Appearance, Approach to life, Beginnings & first impressions

2nd House - Natural Ruler Taurus & Venus

Self-worth, Earned income, Money, Values, Material possessions, Priorities

3rd house - Natural Ruler Gemini & Mercury

The Mind, Communication, Early environment, Siblings, Early education, Neighbors, Social activity and Interests

4th House- Natural Ruler Cancer & the Moon

Home, Family, Roots, Safety & Security, Mother, Women, Divine Feminine, Emotional Connections

5th House - Natural Ruler Leo & the Sun

Children, Joy, Creative energy, Romance & Love affairs, Play, Child-like spirit, Self-expression, Drama (or dramatic traumas?)

6th House - Natural Ruler Virgo & Mercury

Work, Service, Health (physical health), Fitness, Pets, Analytical mind/nature, Systems, People you work with or who work for you

7th House - Natural Ruler Libra & Venus

Relationships - both marriage & business, Contracts, Equality, Open enemies

8th House - Natural Ruler Scorpio & Mars/Pluto

Sex, Death, Rebirth, Shared finances, Inheritances, Taxes, Partner's resources, Loans/credit, Joint Ventures, Mysteries

9th House - Natural Ruler Sagittarius & Jupiter

Spirit, Philosophy, Expansion, Higher education, Travel, Religion, Cross-cultural Relations, Ethics, Gaining Wisdom

10th House - Natural Ruler Capricorn & Saturn

Career/Profession, Your authority in the world, Public image/Reputation, Father, Authority Figures, Status/Fame, Goals

11th House - Natural Ruler Aquarius & Uranus/Saturn

Friends, Dreams, Hopes/Aspirations, Groups or Associates, Humanitarianism, Technology, Invention, The Future

12th House - Natural Ruler Pisces & Neptune

The subconscious mind, Healing/Health of the psyche, Self-sabotage (called the house of self-undoing), Endings, Karma, Limiting Beliefs/Blocks, Solitude

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House Meanings

What Are The Houses in Astrology?

The pie-shaped pieces in your Astrology chart are called "houses." 

There are 12 Houses and they tell us where the action takes place in your life.  The houses begin at the 9:00 o'clock position of the chart and move counter-clockwise through the chart. The first house, for example, tells all about your viewpoint, what you look like, what kind of first impression you give and is your I AM presence.  The next house, the second house, is the house of I HAVE and rules your resources, earning power, etc.

There is a sympathetic rulership between Signs, Planets and the Houses.  For instance, Aries is the first sign, it is ruled by the planet Mars, so the first house is also closely aligned with Mars/Aries energies. In a "natural" horoscope chart, Aries would be on the 1st House cusp, but only some people have their charts aligned this way.  There are 11 other signs that could be on the first house of a chart.  Only by getting your own personalized astrology chart will you know how yours is designed.  

Each of the Houses is affected by the Sign on it's cusp, and any planets that are located in the House at your birth and also by transit.  Here is where we can see how people are individuals, and why we have so many different personalities as such. 

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