The spleen is the center for Health & Healing in Human Design. Many of the Gates and Channels in your design can also contribute to your health.     

In this session we will take a look at your Spleen and the relative health of your body. 

  • Are you holding onto things/feelings/people too long and it’s effecting your health?
  • How are your Fear points affecting your body
  • Restore yourself to healthy body, mind & soul
  • How Openness in the Spleen can indicate healing ability
  • The Time & Intuitive aspects of the Spleen

Burnout is also a huge problem for people - particularly in the West.  In this reading we explore the ways to mitigate stress and burnout based on your personal Human Design.  Using your energy correctly can help restore you to health and vitality!  

Do you have symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Auto-immune disease, Diabetes or Heart problems.  So many of our Health crises and issues can be traced to our not living correctly according to our personal Human Design.    

COST : $99 USD​​

Healthy woman with outstretched arms
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Human Design - Health & Healing