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Special Offer for Change Your Mind Summit Participants 

Guided Tour of YOU!

One on one, In-depth Human Design Coaching 

What's Included?

3- 60 minute Sessions taking you deep into who you are, how you are meant to show up in relationships, and how you are able to best align yourself with your personal life purpose!

Each session is recorded and sent to you in Mp3 format for further contemplation


Session 1: 

In this session you will learn:

  • How Human Design can transform your life
  • Your Personal Type and Strategy - in other words, how you can best make decisions for YOU.
  • Your Profile - answers the question, what role am I here to play?

Session 2: 

What we cover:

  • Your Bodygraph - What is this beautiful depiction of YOU? 
  • You Open Centers - Source of your conditioning, but also your wisdom of others
  • Your Defined Centers - The real you ... and how to live your Truth!
  • Inner Authority - What tool you have to enhance your decision-making process

​Session 3: 

What you discover:

  • Your Defined Channels & Gates - including your Life Purpose, What drives you, Your Personal Challenges and your Spiritual Path
  • Your energy Circuits and the Streams of Consciousness activated in your life

* Cost:  $598

* Payment plan available. For more details, email Janet at: