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Thank you for requesting your FREE Natal Astrology Chart! 

To receive your chart, please follow these instructions:

1.  Please fill out your First & Last Name in the first field.

2.  Fill in your email address in the 2nd field.  Proofread please,  so many times I get incomplete or incorrect email addresses, and then I have no way of getting your chart to you or letting you know that there was a problem! 


3.  The large box area is for your birth information.  I need your Birth date, birth time, and birth place in order to put together an accurate chart.  

If you do not know your birth time, please put as close to an approximation as you can. 

For birth place, please put the City and State if you're in the USA, or City/Province if from Canada.  Any other country, please put the City and the Country.  I'm pretty good with a Google search if you leave off the country, but why risk that there is another country with the same city name, and I choose the wrong one and risk messing up your chart :)

Once you've completed the form, please hit SUBMIT.  I will get your chart to you within 3 days. 

Your chart comes with some of the basic information about how to read it as well. 

FREE Natal Birth Chart