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Bryn morgaine on Living Astrology

New Paradigms in Astrology

Today on Living Astrology:  New Paradigms in Astrology w/Guest Astrologer, Bryn Morgaine

The esoteric study of Astrology is over 4,000 years old and perhaps it is time for an upgrade!  That is what our conversation with guest astrologer, Bryn Morgaine centers around today.  According to Bryn, "Our understanding of our solar system, the Galaxy and Universe beyond has grown exponentially in the last 30 years...This has produced a number of new areas in Astrology where the observations of our solar system require that our understanding of Astrology be upgraded."  
In Bryn's work, there are up to 6 specific areas that revisions in astrology may be taking place:
1.  Dwarf Planets in the Solar System
2.  Pluto as a dwarf planet in a binary planetary system
3.  Asteroids in Astrology
4.  New understanding of Virgo & Libra
5.  Deep Sky Phenomena
6.  Shift in location of the constellations since the Zodiac quadrants were originally defined.
Tune in to hear about these exciting changes that are upon us in the astrology world.  

Bryn Morgaine