Authority – Your “Go To” Decision-Making Tool

The primary way we make decisions in Human Design is by using our
Type/Strategy – for example, if you are a Generator, you respond to what shows up in your outer world, if you are a Projector, then you are waiting for invitations, etc.  Authority, gives us an edge in answering questions like, “What should I do? Or, how do I proceed?” 

According to Human Design, Authority is the body intelligence we have inborn that guides us in making decisions.  This requires a completely different awareness than the mind as it is not logical, and the mind may not always agree with the decisions that your body wisdom is pointing you to.   By first knowing and then using your Authority in making decisions, you learn to trust your body’s inherent wisdom. 

Authority is determined by what centers are defined in your Human Design.  A defined center is one that is colored in.

There are several types of Authority:  Sacral or Generated Authority, Emotional, Splenic, Ego, Self-Projected, and Mental Projected Authority.  Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators and Projectors all have Authority in their Designs.  Reflectors have no defined centers in their design and so they do not have true Authority.  They must use their Strategy in making decisions. 

Sacral or Generated Authority

Only Generators or Manifesting Generators can have this type of Authority because it comes from having a defined Sacral center in the body graph.  If you have Sacral Authority then decisions are made based on the Yes or No response you feel in the moment from the Sacral Center.    

Splenic Authority

This could also be called “gut instinct” and means that you are meant to make decisions in the moment based on intuition.  The intuitive Authority in the Spleen Center works in the moment and has to be heeded when it appears.  Ignoring the information from your intuition can have serious effects.  This is complicated by the fact that this type of intuition comes on strongly, but then disappears and does not return.  If you don’t listen or go with your intuition, you may find yourself making the wrong decisions. 

Emotional Authority

Having a defined Emotional Center in your design dramatically influences your Human Design.  The decision-making strategy in the Emotional Center is about getting clarity over time.  That means people with defined emotional centers cannot make spontaneous decisions, yet others will pressure you to make decisions quickly.  Often, emotionally defined people will make snap decisions, then the mood changes and they find themselves committed to something that they really don’t want to do anymore.  Waiting until you have emotional clarity can save you from a lot of frustration, and help you preserve your relationships with the people around you. 

Ego Authority

Only Manifestors can have Ego Authority, which means that their Authority comes from the Will or Heart Center connection to the Throat.  People with Ego Authority do not need to wait for anything before they make decisions.  The only thing they must do is make sure that their energy is up to the task.  The energy in the Will Center works in cycles that pulse on and off.  If Manifestors push through an “off” cycle, they risk burning themselves out. 

Self-Projected Authority

Only Projectors can have Self-Projected Authority.  Self-Projected Authority occurs when there is a connection from the G-Center/Identity Center to the Throat Center with no other defined centers that override it.  Self-Projected Authority means that you make decisions by discussing things with your close friends or family.  Their responses to your ideas show you whether or not something is correct for you. 

Mental Projected Authority

Only Projectors experience Mental Projected Authority.  This type of Authority happens when the Ajna (2nd center from the top in the body graph) is connected to the Throat Center with no other overriding centers defined.  Mental Projected Authority means that you are meant to discuss your invitations with the people around you in order to get clarity on what is right or correct for you.

When we can let go of our mind’s need to control what is going on in our outer world, the wisdom inherent in our bodies can become a very powerful decision-making tool.  Knowing your Type/Strategy and Authority, helps you tune in to your personal body intelligence.  Of course, like anything new, using this skill takes time and practice and also a willingness to shift your awareness.  The benefits – Priceless!  

Authority in Human Design

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