Natal Astrology Report

What the Stars Held For YOU at Your Birth

Let's talk about you!    A Natal Astrology Report contains 32+ pages all about YOU!

Discover the truth about yourself through an Astro*Talk personal report, one of the finest astrological horoscopes ever written. Giving you a no-nonsense and easy-to-understand interpretation of your chart, this report will guide you on an inward tour, uncovering the personal talents, skills, and potentials that are uniquely yours. It will bring you face-to-face with your challenges and struggles, perhaps containing some surprising discoveries, including ones you may find difficult to acknowledge or share with those closest to you.

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Astrology Reports

Instantly tune into the year ahead!

Your Birthday is Your New Year!

Some people celebrate the New Year on January 1. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to celebrate your personal new year, look to your Solar Return.

Once a year, right around the time of your birthday, the Sun returns to the place it occupied at the instant of your birth. This event begins your personal NEW YEAR. It sets the tone for whatever influences and events you may experience that year. A Solar Return report describes the influences that, astrologically, will be affecting you, and also examines, in great detail, what events are to be expected, and when these are likely to occur.

What Does This Mean? 
So—this means that you will actually be able to look ahead at what is coming your way and thus plan, prepare for, and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

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Astrology Transit Report

Know what's headed your way!

Forecasting has been one of the most important functions of an astrologer for thousands of years. From Kings and Queens, to the men and women on the street, everyone has wanted to know what their future holds, and still do, to this day. Such knowledge gives a person power.

What's in a TimeLine personal report?

Astrology does not claim to be able to forecast a specific event happening to you at a specific time and place; what a TimeLine report does do, however, is tell you exactly what planetary influences are at play in your life, and when, and how these influences will be relevant to you, based on your own personal birth chart.  

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What is the difference between an Astrology Reading and an Astrology Report? 

That is a great question!  There are two main differences.  One, an Astrology Report is less time intensive.  An Astrology Reading is typically 60-90 minutes of one on one time with an Astrologer.  With our busy world, sometimes you need the answers and you don't have time to wait to schedule your reading or to actually sit for the reading! 

An Astrology Report is designed specifically for you based on your birth information, but gets delivered to you within 24 hours of ordering!  You get the answers you need and the information you need much quicker.  You can take as much time as you need to read your report. 

If you are budget conscious right now, then an Astrology Report is a great way to get guidance, but at a price point that is more affordable.  Most reports are between $29-59 dollars where an Astrology reading is $99-$225.  It's definitely not as personal as a reading, but it still gives you great value!

The Astrology reports available from Living Astrology are as follows:

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