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Astrology for 2016 reading

Would you like to look into a crystal ball and see what 2016 has in store for you?  

ME too!  But, since I really don't have a crystal ball, let's use the next best thing - the Planets & Stars!  That's right, we know ahead of time what the planets will be doing in the next several months, so all that is left to do is get your personal birth information and look ahead to see what will be some of the likely themes, challenges and opportunities will be coming up for you.  

A 2016 Astrology Reading is a 60 minute reading of how the year looks for you. Included is an MP3 recording of your reading.  Your reading can be done via Phone, Skype or Email recording.  

To order your reading: 

 1.  Click on the PayPal button below to reserve your reading.  

 2.  Send an email to Janet@living-astrology.com with your birth time, birth place and birth date.   

Once I have your information and payment I will contact you to schedule your reading.