Ascension & Astrology - 2/14/2019

Ascension & Astrology with Kornelia Stephanie & Janet Hickox

Love & Relationships

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today we dive into Love & Relationships in an evolving & ascending world. What do relationships look like in a new paradigm? How do we deal with the emotional issues that relationships or lack of a relationship bring up for us?

Mars & Venus point us in the direction of Love in our astrology charts. What can we learn about our ourselves from their placement in our charts.​

Ascension & Astrology - 3/21/19
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Ascension & Astrology with Kornelia Stephanie & Janet Hickox

Congratulations, you've moved through the Spring Equinox portal or gateway, now what? Did you notice the change yesterday in the energy? Today we're going to talk about how the energies have changed for us.

We're going to do a clearing, Equinox balancing meditation orienting us to manifesting and living in the New Earth. This is especially important with everything that is going on in the world that distracts us and feels so ugly.

Question for the Week:  What If ________________ ?
The purpose being to let our minds have something positive to play with.  What if we could choose to be at peace?  What if we lived in a world where everyone was appreciated for differences and likenesses?  Etc.  Come on ... Play the game with us.