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About Me, Janet!

When I was 19 years old I was walking through a bookstore in Orange, California when a set of books caught my attention.

The books were Matthew Goodwin's books "Numerology: The Complete Guide, Volume I and Volume II.  I was making very little money at the time and there were two books in the set and they were $20 each, but I couldn't pass them up so I purchased them.

Later that day, I sat reading those books, and discovered how much I loved this subject!

Before long I was practicing numerology on friends and family and soo could do a complete reading for people just based on their birth date and their name at birth.

It was quite the revelation, but nothing prepared me for what was going to occur some 20 years later...

My path to becoming an astrologer did not come in the usual way, and it requires a bit of an open mind in order to understand. In fact, you could say there was magic in the way I came to have this knowledge. The usual path learning any skill including astrology would be through years of study and becoming accredited through some astrological organization...But I remembered astrology!

One day 18 years ago, my then 9 year old son, was rummaging through a box of free stuff left over from a neighbor's garage sale, and he found a book. He brought the book home to me because there were some pictures of crystals on the cover and he knew I loved rocks and crystals. I rather mindlessly looked at the cover and read the title, “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets” by Barbara Hand Clow, thanked my son, and promptly put the book in the bookcase for later reading.


The next day I came home from work and that book was on the floor in front of my bookcase. I thought it was odd, but since I had two dogs, I figured one of them hit the shelf or the book with their tail and knocked it down – no big deal! I put the book back on the shelf and went about my business.


The next evening I came home from work and found that same book on the nightstand in my bedroom. I asked all four of my kids if any of them had put the book in my room, but none of them had. I then asked my husband when he got home if he had done it, and he had not. This was getting weirder, but I still did not open that book.   

Finally, later on that same evening I went to my room to put away some laundry and there was that book, on my bed and opened! Now I don't know about most of you, but when something like that happens – especially 3 times – I take notice! I calmly put my clothes away and sat down to read that book!


I was only a few pages into the book when I realized it was about an obscure planet discovered in 1977 called Chiron, and that the book was about Chiron's astrology. I was hooked! I couldn't put that book down and I quickly absorbed everything there was to know about Chiron and then went to the internet for more. 

Over the next days and weeks I went to several internet astrology sites, and each time I read something new about any planet, or a chart, or the houses of the chart, it felt like I was just remembering everything from some time in the past. Only I had never studied astrology before. I began to do charts for my friends and family and they were all astounded at how much I knew and were even more impressed when I related this story to them.

Needless to say, at some time in the past, and most likely in some lifetime past I was an astrologer, and reading the book only opened me up to remembering that long ago learned information, and I only had to take a refresher course to enable me to use it. It has been the biggest blessing and the biggest lesson for me. How? Well, in my mind at the time, you didn't just remember something as complicated and information laden as astrology. In fact, you had to study for years before you would become proficient at any skill. But, my paradigm has changed since then, I accept that I came here with this knowledge and I remembered it at a key point in my life when it was time for me to use what I knew – and I've been using it ever since! I encourage everyone who has ever had any experience like this to share with others – because it truly opens us up to the prospect of something mystical, wonderful and even magical that can happen in our lives and in our world.