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3 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Your Human Design

This basic reading is a great place to begin your Human Design knowledge.  We cover your Type, Strategy and Authority, which gives you the correct decision-making power for YOU. 

Key 1:  TYPE

Your Type tells you how you are here to engage in life; Are you here with the vitality and energy to work?  Or, are you here to be more of the leader, counselor, guide?  This is an important distinction as working against your type can cause burnout or frustration. 


Each Type has a strategy through which they take action.  This is an invaluable tool for you - especially if you have been living your life counter to your type's strategy. 


‚ÄčYour decision-making tool is called your Authority in Human Design.  Authority is literally what changed my life!  How you are designed to make decisions is totally different than the way in which you have been taught to make decisions. 

The combination of these three keys give you a very solid foundation and can be a great way to start down the path of living your authentic life!

This reading is approximately 60 mins long and is also recorded.  When we are done with the reading, I email you an MP3 of the conversation. 

COST : $99 USD

Human Design - 3 Keys Reading